Jiv Daya Referral Network

I believe that a referral network is essential for a person’s overall care. Jiv Daya Whole Health is founded on compassion for others by way of supporting, educating, and treating the body as as whole, interconnected system: mind, body, and spirit. I created the Jiv Daya Referral Network – a resource that taps into other practitioners and other professionals in the Austin area, who serve from a place of care and compassion to help the whole person... That is why the Jiv Daya Referral Network offers referrals to: acupuncturists with other specialties and locations doctors, nurses, physical therapists, chiropractors fitness trainers, massage therapists, doulas psychologists, counselors, life c

Jiv Daya? what's that mean?

“jiv daya” (जीव दया) means compassion for all living beings. jiv = being daya =compassion Jiv Daya is traditionally associated with Jainism’s virtue of animal welfare (Ahimsa) – to cause no injury or to do no harm. This includes one’s deeds, words, and thoughts. Mahatma Gandhi promoted the principle of Ahimsa (do no harm) very successfully by applying it to all spheres of life, particularly to politics. In Gandhi’s thoughts, Ahimsa precludes not only the act of inflicting a physical injury, but also mental states like harmful thoughts and hatred, and unkind behavior such as harsh words. The way I see it, the principles of Ahimsa (do no harm) and Jiv Daya (compassion for all beings) not only

The Oath of Sun Si Miao

When I was in school studying Chinese Medicine, and often feeling overwhelmed with classes and tests and clinics, oh my, I would refer back to this Oath to keep me grounded and as a reminder why I chose this field of medicine (and the rigorous nature of its study). I think this Oath of Sun Si Miao really narrows down my beliefs, intentions, and practice philosophy. Chinese Medicine, being the ancient wisdom medicine that it is, continues to transform my life, and my way of showing appreciation of this medicine and my teachers is by sharing it with others, even if just in the form of a blog post. The Oath of Sun Si Miao for Physicians of Traditional Chinese Medicine: As a Physician of Traditi

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time... Taryn always knew she wanted to work in a helping field. At a young age, she liked the idea of being a cop like Hope Brady, from Days of Our Lives (because soap operas do that to a young girl), but then she realized cops use guns and she doesn't like guns, So then she thought “maybe I’ll teach art and coach basketball instead”. She went on to college, studying art and halfway through, on the brink of beginning the education trek, she decided that, while art was awesome, psychology fascinated her way more, so art got pushed down to her minor, and education got thrown out the window. She thought maybe her calling was to be a psychotherapist and help people that way. She eve

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