Once upon a time...


Once upon a time...

Taryn always knew she wanted to work in a helping field. At a young age, she liked the idea of being a cop like Hope Brady, from Days of Our Lives (because soap operas do that to a young girl), but then she realized cops use guns and she doesn't like guns, So then she thought “maybe I’ll teach art and coach basketball instead”. She went on to college, studying art and halfway through, on the brink of beginning the education trek, she decided that, while art was awesome, psychology fascinated her way more, so art got pushed down to her minor, and education got thrown out the window. She thought maybe her calling was to be a psychotherapist and help people that way. She even went on to earn a Master’s degree in Ministry, with an emphasis in counseling and family systems theory, but she realized that wasn’t quite “it”, either.

She got a job working in the mental health field, but she again realized it wasn’t quite the fit she was looking for because she spent most her time watching her clients take their medications, and she felt that she was not able to make enough of an impact the way she felt called to. So, Taryn went on a journey to find her way of living and worked some very interesting jobs in affordable housing and then tobacco cessation counseling. She even tried out an electronic medical records software company, which even had a game room where she could play ping pong! She met many awesome people along the way.

All the while, Taryn was jumping over her own health hurdles and was being passed around from one specialist to the next, with a diagnoses list and medication list growing ever longer. A friend suggested she try acupuncture. Taryn didn’t know much about acupuncture, but

finally decided to give it a go. She went to AOMA’s student clinic for treatment and found an awesome intern named Elizabeth who treated Taryn with acupuncture and herbs. That is, until the intern’s schedule and Taryn’s schedule stopped meshing (drats!), and Taryn went on to seek out a new acupuncturist… and to continue her journey to find her dream job...

tra-la- la…

Meanwhile, while working in the affordable housing industry and undergoing health troubles, Taryn realized, “I should work in a medical field! Duh!” So, she spent a year and a half investigating the various routes she could take – medical doctor, nurse, physician’s assistant, physical therapist, dietitian, fitness trainer, and acupuncturist/Chinese Medicine practitioner – she knew she absolutely wanted to work in a field of holistic medicine, so she narrowed it down to acupuncture and Chinese medicine. But interestingly enough, Taryn told herself, “I am not sure I can poke people with needles for the rest of my life”. Taryn kept working her 8-5 job, while she daydreamed of a career in the health field, and also continued her quest to find a new acupuncturist.

The Universe intervened and a friend referred Taryn to the acupuncturist that would

later change Taryn’s life f o r e v e r… … *drum roll* ... Taryn meets Peggy Ghorbani, L.Ac!

Suffice it to say, before long, Taryn was really noticing the benefits of acupuncture and herbs. Even though Taryn has some chronic health problems that she will have for the rest of her life. she was able to get off all 7 of her pharmaceutical medications. The acupuncture and herbs and dietary & lifestyle changes made it possible to manage her symptoms without drugs.

That is when Taryn knew - for sure - that acupuncture and Chinese medicine was the path for her, needles and all! Chinese Medicine encompasses all of the holistic aspects she was looking for. It has been around for thousands of years, it works (she knows firsthand!), and it fit well with her previous education and interests in psychology and spirituality... so it's no wonder she found her place practicing a medicine that treats the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.

With some additional nudging from her mentor, Taryn finally took the risk and quit her full-time job in 2009 and started her full-time journey toward graduate study in Chinese Medicine. She became board-certified in Oriental Medicine and a licensed acupuncturist in 2014. She opened Jiv Daya Whole Health soon thereafter.

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