Jiv Daya Referral Network

I believe that a referral network is essential for a person’s overall care.

Jiv Daya Whole Health is founded on compassion for others by way of supporting, educating, and treating the body as as whole, interconnected system: mind, body, and spirit.

I created the Jiv Daya Referral Network – a resource that taps into other practitioners and other professionals in the Austin area, who serve from a place of care and compassion to help the

whole person...

That is why the Jiv Daya Referral Network offers referrals to:

  • acupuncturists with other specialties and locations

  • doctors, nurses, physical therapists, chiropractors

  • fitness trainers, massage therapists, doulas

  • psychologists, counselors, life coaches, meditation instructors

  • veterinarians, pet sitters

  • other professional services (web development, photography, real estate)

Whether you are looking for a referral, or you are interested in having your services be a part of a compassionate network of caring people, I welcome you to email me at jivdayawholehealth@gmail.com.

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