The Oath of Sun Si Miao

When I was in school studying Chinese Medicine, and often feeling overwhelmed with classes and tests and clinics, oh my, I would refer back to this Oath to keep me grounded and as a reminder why I chose this field of medicine (and the rigorous nature of its study). I think this Oath of Sun Si Miao really narrows down my beliefs, intentions, and practice philosophy. Chinese Medicine, being the ancient wisdom medicine that it is, continues to transform my life, and my way of showing appreciation of this medicine and my teachers is by sharing it with others, even if just in the form of a blog post.

The Oath of Sun Si Miao for Physicians of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

As a Physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

• I shall look upon those who are in grief, as if I myself have been struck and I shall sympathize with them deep in my heart. • I will not give way to wishes and desires but develop first a marked attitude of compassion. • I shall not ponder over my own fortune or misfortune and thus preserve life and have compassion for it. • Whoever suffers from disease and illness will be looked upon with contempt by people. I shall maintain an attitude of compassion, of sympathy and of care. In no way shall arise an attitude of rejection. • I shall treat all patients alike, whether powerful or humble, rich or poor, old or young, beautiful or ugly, resentful relatives or kind friends, nationals or foreigners, fools or wise men. • I shall not emphasize my own reputation and belittle the rest of physicians while praising my own virtue. • Neither dangerous mountain passes, nor time of day, neither weather conditions nor hunger, thirst nor fatigue shall keep me from helping wholeheartedly.

With this oath, I shall fulfill my responsibilities and my destiny as a physician to each and every patient who seeks help from me, until I am no longer capable of fulfilling my obligations, or until the end of this lifetime.

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